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Murmurings of Stephi, Time Lord in Training

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Hey hey, I'm Stephi, usually called (on the internet StephiB or StePhoebe if that's taken).

Live - Melbourne, Australia
Love - Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, David Tennant, Star Wars, Red Dwarf.

I forget everything, unless I manage to remember it long enough, then I remember it for ages.

I am totally obsessed with David Tennant. :D

I have one sister, we are practically the same person.

I can't stand my family (well not my parents and Beka, but you get the idea)

I listen to No Doubt, Vanessa Carlton, Jewel and other sappy stuff like that.

I am the biggest wuss, I can't stand pain.

Mmm ... chicken

I go hyper a lot, I think I have heaps of mental problems.

I am very much interested in astrophysics and I like maths.

I like stuffed bunnies. If they're soft. And don't look stupid.

I'm learning Esperanto, German and Japanese.

That's about it for the moment.